Meet the Team

Michelle Sky Hayward
Entrepreneur, Professional Kitesurfer, Social Media Influencer

“In a world of choices, I choose South Africa every time.”

I am so passionate about my country and it’s the reason why I decided to take part in Mrs South Africa in 2019. My campaign during my time as a finalist was called #IChooseSouthAfrica. And this is where the idea for a business came forth. Although I now live in Cape Town, I grew up in the small town / farming community in the Eastern Cape called Alexandria. Knowing the lack of unemployment, yet amazingly skilled women there, I knew I had to do something to help. And so, along with my highly skilled team situated in Alexandria, we started our first collection which is a baby and kid’s clothing range called Pikanini Kids. We are strict about sourcing only the best South African made Shweshwe fabric and hand making high quality items.

In a time of political and economic uncertainty, I choose to stand by my country. In a time where people are emigrating at a rapid rate and talking negatively about this beautiful place, I choose to remain here. In a time of negativity, I choose positivity. I am not naive, I read the news every day and study this country as much as I can. In the midst of despair, I see hope, I see Ubuntu and I see an opportunity to help. I love this rainbow nation with all my heart, and I was born to live in this country for such a time as this. I want to inspire my fellow South Africans to be #ProudlySouthAfrican. Staying here is not for everyone. But it is for me. When I could be anywhere I wish, I choose to live here. I choose not to let my life be ruled by fear. I choose to raise my future family in this beautiful country. I choose to plant our roots deep. I choose to help. I choose to make a difference. I choose South Africa. #IChooseSouthAfrica

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